The first clinical investigations of Levitra have been focused on the determination of the effectiveness of vardenafil and also on the comparison of its effectiveness with placebo for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The results obtained prove that Levitra is three times more effective than placebo in men with erectile disorders at the time of having sex.

At the Congress of the European Association of Urology that took place in Stockholm (Sweden), the pharmaceutical company Bayer Schering Pharma presented the results of recent tests that can abruptly change the whole concept of treatment of erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders.

Levitra Effectiveness Study

Two placebo-controlled studies of Levitra have shown that ingestion of the drug provides durability to intimate relationships due to the prolonged effect on male erection. The average durability of erection in patients suffering from erectile dysfunction using placebo makes no more than 4 minutes. Thanks to the intake of Levitra this period of penile rigidity increased by 3-4 times even in patients with intercurrent diseases. By providing a lasting erection, Levitra can significantly increase the chance of having successful sex.

«The duration of erection can be taken as the main criterion for determining the efficacy of Levitra. In other words, the satisfaction of patients with erectile dysfunction and other sexual disorders is an important indicator of the effectiveness of Levitra, – says Matt Rosenberg, the director of the Michigan Health Center (United States). – Both couples should receive pleasure from sexual activities, is the mandatory condition for a healthy and sexually complete life ».

Therefore, now Levitra is the only PDE-5 inhibitor that during two placebo-controlled studies demonstrated the significant increase in erection durability in men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was focused on the evaluation of the durability of male erection in 201 men with erectile dysfunction and intercurrent diseases (24% – dyslipidemia, 32% – hypertension, 7% – diabetes). The patients received a fixed dose of 10 mg of Levitra or placebo for 2 or 4 weeks, separated by a week of excretion (elimination) of the active substance from the body.

The first study is based on the principle called “the chronometer” that evaluates the durability of erection taking it as the main criterion of the effectiveness of Levitra. Erection durability is calculated with the chronometer and is determined clinically as the period from the beginning of the erection sufficient to carry out the intimacy (moment of onset) and until the moment of a penile extract of the vagina after completion of the sexual activity

Research has shown that the average duration of intimacy in healthy patients is approximately 9.2-10 minutes, but the ability to maintain it decreases with age. Contrary to what many people think a man needs to maintain an erection for hours to have intimate relationships, in reality, it is enough with 7-13 minutes.

The second study confirms the results of erection durability in patients with erectile dysfunction and other intercurrent diseases. This study has been carried out by Professor Martin Milner at Brown University (Swansea, Massachusetts, USA). This study was also focused on the determination of the safety and effectiveness of Levitra in 395 patients with erectile dysfunction who also suffered from of obesity and other collateral diseases (61% – high blood pressure, 51% – obesity, 40% – diabetes). The men were divided into two double-blind, placebo-controlled groups and received the flexible dose of 10 mg of vardenafil (or 5-20 mg depending on efficacy) or placebo over 12 weeks. Applying the chronometer method, the effectiveness of Levitra has been proven.

The effectiveness of Levitra: how to increase erection

Both investigations showed high tolerability of Levitra and its property of improving sexual function in the majority of patients. All this has been remembered impatient journals. The total increase in erective capacity and durability is equivalent to 2-3 times compared to placebo treatment.

Given that with every age humanity tends to live more by converting longevity into a reality, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men older than 60 is also inevitable. However, the invention of drugs for sexual disorders can solve such problem. According to the surveys, 93% of all affected men consider that the durability of erection is a mandatory criterion that allows to say that this type of treatment is effective. The thing is that the durability of erection is an indispensable condition to establish intimate relationships and achieve mutual satisfaction.

Other studies were conducted in 59 hospitals in the United States with the participation of patients suffering from high cholesterol. In total, 395 patients participated. Most men received 10 mg of vardenafil, in particular cases the dose was reduced or increased at 5 or 20 mg respectively. Half of the patients abused nicotine, but even in such conditions, the durability of erection increased from 3 to 10 minutes. The results of these investigations indicate that Levitra can be prescribed for patients with high cholesterol.

The study carried out to determine the sexual satisfaction of the long-term use of Levitra indicates the following data. Levitra with vardenafil dose 10 mg and 20 mg results in almost similar efficacy that remains the same during 24 months of treatment.

It should also be mentioned that Levitra pills were equally effective for erectile dysfunction of any kind: organic, psychological or mixed.

Levitra or Viagra: which drug is more effective?

We have already mentioned that Levitra is an inhibitor of PDE-5, but it is not the only representative of this class of drugs. The best-known drug in this class is Viagra, so each new remedy is always compared to sildenafil – the active ingredient of Viagra. So, Levitra or Viagra? What is better?

The biggest problem that can be caused by any drug is the manifestation of side effects. Since PDE-5 inhibitors have many contraindications and a fairly long list of adverse effects, it is vitally important that they cause less unwanted reactions. It is worth mentioning that the frequency of manifestation of side effects increases with the intake of higher doses. Since the recommended dose of Viagra is 100 mg (in some cases it is 50 mg), sildenafil can cause many side effects. Unlike Viagra, Levitra is available in the 5, 10 and 20 mg setting, while the recommended dose is only 10 mg of vardenafil. From here it turns out that Levitra causes the adverse effects more rarely,

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